On distant shores she keeps her peace,
She loves sipping dreams out by the evening waves.
Quiet young eyes speak of things,
That I wanna know before I leave this place.
She's so old in the youngest way,
Her wise old heart beats a little, out of place.

She cries in the evening,
And laughs with the morning sun.

Her words are always reckless,
You always know she'll never run.

Her world ran free on the brightest peaks,
But I wanna know how she ever came to waste.
Her long brown hair runs so sweet,
What would ever tease her heart away?
A wild queen of truth and belief, 
Knew before us all we either bend or break.

Hey pretty lady what did you do to me?
I think I'm caught up all in your dream.
What was it that you did that made you stay here?
I really, really wanna see.
No, little man, keep care of your hands,

It's really not all that they say.
It's wild and it's brief and it's so incomplete,
But I know you'll do it anyway.



It's never been, easy for me to sleep.
It's hard at times, to keep you from being in my dreams.
Don't you think, I should've tried to leave?
To give me some peace, and hope of some other place.
But here we are, and I still can't-

Breathe without ya,
Walk without ya,
And I'm waiting for ya.

We seized the days, and made 'em lie through their teeth.
We light up the nights, and laugh at the unseen things.
I love the way you're angry and unafraid.
You said it's fine, the fire and filthy angst.
You told me if we fall I'll never-

Didn't you ever know that I was calling for ya?
Packed up my bags and left home, just to liberate ya.
Caught in a dream of songs now, and something sweeter.
Fell to the land of light, somewhere north of winter.



When she woke that morning, found her body bare,
He'd sent it along, all knew it was her,
It was a joke of her privacy, laid out for the world to see,
She messaged him, he never replied.
She imagined his smirk, how he'd turn his words,
Knew she had to forget it, how much it hurt,
Knew she had to get away, to another place,

Focus on her dreams, and never be safe.
So she took her things, left for a city,
When it was quiet and cold, she'd play her ukulele,
And dream of her songs to be bigger things,
The people she'd keep, one day sweet.

She's drinking with Jagger, while reading an atlas,
And Sansa's on trial for her smile.
She's dining with Liam, who says Noel's easy,
Bieber writes his name on the wall.
Oprah stands by her, says girl, walk taller,
Forget that boy and you'll have the world.
She  laughs with the Fab Five, to show that her past life,

Never meant anything.

She'd heard stories of him, alone and desperate,
Doing what he could, for the attention.
He walked the streets late, bottle in hand,
Yelling at those who past, fell to command
Of derision and regret, as people got older and left him there,
Not laughing no longer at the things he'd said,
Who he'd tried to defile when they took his bed.
They grew up and knew he was destined to be,
The one who peaked in nastiness,
And when he checks his phone he sees her there,
Where she wanted to be, without a care,
For him, or his issues, or his fading hair.




Fell to the ruins of Beauty, 
Kept your hands warm, kept you moving.
Kept you close when the fire broke,
Kept your hope, and what it told.
Felt you lonely, when the waves rose,
Held you dearly, in your sorrow.
They might fight us, for what we know,
Or dare push us, against the cold.
Keep your eyes peeled, for secrets.
They see freely, in weakness.
If they reach us, call my name.
I'll stand aloft, and bellow in flame.

Pray in the light of righteousness,
Or your city will melt to the grave,
I've come to far with a weakened heart,
To let it fall back down again.
Your cold voice doesn't sound so sweet,
When your bones fall away in the rain.
Test me twice, I dare you know,
And you'll see what comes of my rage.

Hold my name in a whisper,
Let it reach, let it linger.
When my day's out, hold it tighter,
Hold it nearer, see it clearer-
What I did, for you and us,
Who I stopped, for want of love.
It was those eyes in the sky,
Kept me walking, kept me bright.
Now I fall in another land.
Took you far, took you there.
But it's all over, if you can't see,
It's fallen to you, and what you say.




You're kinda crazy, that's alright.
I'm kinda like you- out of line.
Don't go thinkin', you're alone.
Chasin' spirits, on your phone.

Don't go stealin' my heart.
Don't go teasin' my soul away.
Life ain't far from the start.
We're gonna make it, anyway.

I remember thinkin', you're so sweet.
Easy smile, and your wonky teeth.
You find it funny, the way I eat.
Now I know, you're for me.




Bessie wore a crown, she slid on her gown,
She said boy, get off your knees.
Hope's not dead, it's out by the pool,
It fell asleep in its jeans.
If we're gonna take it, be sure to make a
Better show of it, by now.
I've heard it's over, it's old, we're loners-
The spirit never died in the crowd.

How they gonna catch us, if we're running by breakfast?
How they gonna take us away?
Do you really dream of bigger things?
Well, kid, it means we're all the same.
It's been a hard road to get here, but it's fine, we're alive-
Now we're here, we're gonna soar.
It's been a cold, wet week, and we've wasted too much sleep,
Caring if they like how we talk.

So she looked at me with her eyes so green and said,
Now, do you hear the call?
Go out and fetch it, it's time we're ready,
Bring whoever climbs the wall.
It won't be long before they're upon us-
We know there's so much more.
Steady your hands, we've got bigger plans,
Than they give us credit for.



So, left my soul there, until I found her,
And she'd relate.
She kept me breathing, when the whole world,
Mocked, my way.
Now, we're together, and they're all gonna,
Hear us play.

Sally laughs now in her ball gown,
Her hair is a mess across her face.
That's cool, she doesn't care now,
Leave it to her to hate this place.
She'd so rather lay on the lounge now,
Her head in my lap, until she fades.



Hey Annie, have you heard the news?
There's a little one coming for me and you.

And I'll meet you, at the gate.
Spent too much time, away.
In the sunshine I'll kiss your broken face.
And I'll meet you at the gate.

And we waited, so long.
For something, to come along.
It became so easy to hate.
It became so easy to hate.

And I'll meet you, at the gate.

Spent too much time, away.
In the sunshine I'll kiss your broken face.
And I'll meet you at the gate.

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Offical Website of Sydney-based artist, B. C. Taylor