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'...an immersive slice of genre-bending brilliance.'

Happy Mag (2019)

B. C. Taylor is a writer, actor, broadcaster, and musician from Sydney, Australia.
His musical work bends form and style, adopting a unique range of voice, tempo, and shade to produce a truly captivating performance.
'We are never only just one thing,’ Taylor says of his work, ‘so we shouldn’t just be trying to say one thing. What you hear are the many voices and sounds inside my head.’

Sure-handed lyricism and distinctly versatile composition have quickly become a calling card of his musicianship.
His debut album, Sweetly So We, releases in mid-2021, surging off the back of popular singles In Lights and So Much Left To Give.

B. C.'s debut collection, Until Now, was released in early 2020. Featuring poems, lyrics, and novel excerpts, it quickly gained attention in the local community.
His novel, Sally-Ann, was published later the same year, drawing praise for its unique prose and modern subject matter.
He writes regularly on sport, culture, politics and current affairs. He has been published by the Centre for Western Sydney, and Hello Sport.
B. C. is developing and writing the TV series The Back Table, based on his experiences growing up in the south-western Sydney area.

B. C. is co-producer and co-host of the popular rugby league podcast, Time Your Run, and co-producer and host of the interview podcast, Light Lines. The supplementary Light Lines magazine will have its first edition in mid-2021.


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